Studio News

Studio News

Alpha Dance is a ballroom dance community that offers a wide range of ballroom dancing experiences taught by a well trained and competent staff. We offer a good value to our students and are committed to providing them with an enjoyable ballroom experience and a place where they can have fun and/or seriously improve their dancing ability.

We are continuing the long, rich history of prestigious dancing in the beautiful Alpha Place in Highland Heights. Our experienced team of quality instructors, teaches an excellent classic ballroom and social dancing program with a modern twist.

The Northeast Ohio ballroom dance scene has seen many changes over the years. Yet through it all, our goal is to serve the dance community with honor, trust, respect, professionalism, and most of all quality ballroom dancing that provides a lifetime of happiness and good health.

Once you join our close-knit community of dancers and instructors, you’ll know the magic of belonging to one of the country’s longest standing ballroom dance families. You’ll experience group outings, long-lasting friendships, endless professional networking, while having a ton of fun on your feet.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of personal sentiments expressed by just a few of our friends:

Studio News

“Dancing has changed my life. I am healthier and happier than I was 11 years ago when my husband and I started taking lessons. THIS amazing dance community on Alpha Drive has enriched my life in more ways than I can count. They have truly brought out the best in me. The teachers have helped me discover my creative, spontaneous and free spirited side. The opportunity to perform in front of an affirming and supportive group of people has been the fulfillment of my childhood fantasies of being a “star”. I can’t imagine my life without dancing.” – Debbie J.

“We walked into this community years ago and never left! When our kids were becoming college-age, I realized our social life was based around their sports and activities. What could we do together? I had always loved to dance and in a “weak” moment got my husband to at least try ballroom dancing. We enjoyed the private lessons right away and looked forward to group lessons and the Friday night practice sessions. We soon made very good friends in the dancing community. This is much more than learning how to dance for us. It truly is a lifestyle that enables us to keep active with people who share our enthusiasm for continuously learning, having fun and staying healthy.” – Linda M.