Benefits of Dance

There are many health benefits to dancing, besides networking with a brilliant community of professionals. Dancing is clinically proven to slow Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Other benefits may include:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Increased health and fitness
  3. Increased self-esteem
  4. Confidence
  5. More social opportunities
  6. Fun events and outings
  7. Competitive opportunities

Class Times:

Tues- Thurs 1pm-10pm
Fri 1pm- 7pm
8pm group class
9-10:30 pm practice session
Sat 11 am – 5 pm

Private Classes

Since all dance goals are unique, private lessons are tailor made to suit an individual’s needs and abilities. Lesson times are available to accommodate the craziest of work schedules. We work well with all levels of experience from two-left feet to the seasoned dance veteran. One-on-One instruction is 55 minutes long. Don’t wait another minute to jump-start your dreams!


Group Classes

Group dance classes are fun and exciting. These classes are a way to develop your lead/follow skills and build your repertoire of patterns. Learning to dance with different partners and many couples on the floor will prepare you for success in any social dance environment.

Practice Sessions

Practice sessions offer our students a great way to use what they’ve learned in their private lessons and work with other students sharing similar goals.