Meet the Instructors

Tony Nunez (Lead Instructor)

Tony has been teaching dance for over 11 years. Throughout his career he has competed both professionally and pro-am around the world. Tony has competed in and won awards, such as the Rising Star at the Ohio Star Ball, and the Emerald Ball. He also was a national salsa finalist. Tony specializes in smooth, rhythm and salsa and has been dancing salsa since he was 4 years old. He loves seeing the growth in his students, especially in terms of interpersonal development. Watching his students grow more confident and comfortable with themselves, is his greatest satisfaction.

Mario Caliri (Lead Instructor)

Mario has been teaching ballroom dance since 1985. He has competed pro-am in competitions all over the country, such as the Ohio Star Ball, and the Northcoast Ballroom Competition. Mario was given the title as the best introduction teacher in Cleveland to new students. He takes great satisfaction in the progression of his students, as well as building an enjoyable social environment for the studio.

Lisa Ferrara

Lisa has over 20 years of experience dancing ballroom. She has been competing since 1992 in competitions all over the world – including Italy! She has competed in the Emerald Ball and at Ohio Star Ball – where she won the Top Teacher award. Lisa has also won various awards such as Top Choreography and Top Solo. Lisa loves the satisfaction of seeing her students comprehend and learn. “Dancing inspires the soul”

Thomas Kindt

Thom has been teaching ballroom dance for over 7 years. Thom has competed professionally at the Cleveland Dance Sport Challenge, Chicago Harvest Moon Ball, and at the Ohio Star Ball. He has also competed pro-am all over the country and in Canada. His specialty is teaching choreography and he loves that in ballroom dancing, there is always room to learn and improve.

Larry Nemeth

Larry has over 35 years of experience teaching ballroom dance. Larry has competed in many competitions professionally and has won many awards. Larry loves all types of dancing and does not name just one as his specialty. He also loves how ballroom dancing can connect with people of every profession.


Kim has 15 years of experience teaching ballroom dance as well as wedding dance choreography. Kim has competed professionally for 3 years at various competitions such as the Ohio Regional Salsa Competition and Ohio Star Ball. She has also performed professionally for various events in Cleveland. Kim loves when a student is able to take what they have learned to the public. She also loves the wellness and fun it provides.

Carmine Camino

Carmine has been teaching for 15 years but has been dancing for over 25. Carmine has competed pro-am at the Ohio Star Ball and has won many awards. He loves the teaching experience; being able to share his knowledge and watch others grow from it.

Renata Nitscheova-Knaus

Renata has over 24 years of experience dancing and 14 years experience teaching. She has competed professionally and pro-am in competitions all over the country such as the Ohio Star Ball and Emerald Ball. Renata has won a Top Teacher award among others. She loves all the dances but names American Smooth as her specialty. Renata’s greatest satisfaction is imparting her knowledge of teaching and seeing her students excel.